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Chris Sealey - Christian Author and Speaker
"A Christian writer who speaks, and a Christian speaker who writes."


Christopher N. Sealey has a passion for ministry. The focus of his ministry is teaching the principles of Christian living. He is a dynamic speaker, and has a wonderful ability to inform and inspire audiences toward increased levels of commitment to stewardship  (view stewardship seminar titles) and other Christian principles. His ministry has resulted in bringing others to accept Christ as Lord and Savior, and many more to establish a deeper relationship with Christ.

Over the years, he has allowed the Lord to use him in service in several different areas of ministry, some of which include: Head Treasurer, Finance Committee chairman, stewardship leader, and ordained elder. As the Finance Committee chairman, the Lord blessed his efforts to realize the goal of the church burning its mortgage. Using a pledge program he designed, one hundred and five (105) members raised over $80,000 in eleven (11) months.

God used him as the stewardship leader to motivate, admonish, and encourage the members of the congregation [he fellowshipped with] to a renewed commitment to all aspects of stewardship, including sustained double-digit year over year growth in tithing and freewill offering. Here is what one of his former pastors had to say about his ministry in the Lord:

“The text [in his new book] is not only about the philosophy of stewardship. It explains time tested strategies, methods, and principles Chris has employed as a treasurer, finance committee chair, church board member, elder, and disciple in the church of God." - Dr. Neil Reid (Senior Pastor)

Chris has written many articles on Christian stewardship and also served on the Board of Contributing Editors for the Democrat and Chronicle, the leading daily newspaper of Rochester, New York. His writings have appeared in both secular and Christian publications, such as the Message Magazine, and the Health and Home - National Journal of Better Living, published in Manila, Philippines.

In the corporate world, Chris is highly regarded as an experienced, award winning, Information Technology Management professional. He has an established record of designing, developing and supporting solutions incorporating a range of software applications servicing a diverse set of industries including Government IT, healthcare, e-learning, and Internet services. He is consistently recognized and tasked to improve organizational efficiency with comprehensive business and Information Technology expertise in strategy, analysis, research, requirements gathering, agile development, and operational support.

He was born in the beautiful island of Trinidad, West Indies. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering (City College, City University of New York) and a Master of Engineering degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. Chris, his wife Deborah, and their two children, Joshua and Rosalie, make their home in Bealeton, Virginia.

In a world that is becoming more challenging day by the day, Chris has dedicated his life to promoting the principles of God.

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